Can I Afford to Maintain a Beautiful Lawn?

If you are a home owner in the local Hudson Valley area chances are you have a lawn and landscaping in front of your home. Are you the most beautiful lawn on the block? Do your neighbors wish you would let someone else move in that is willing to take care of their lawn? How many hours a week do you have to spend keeping your lawn looking healthy and beautiful?

Chances are, with today’s busy home owners, it’s difficult to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful without spending all of your free time doing it. But many people think that it’s too expensive to hire someone to maintain it for them. And in this economy, every penny counts.

You may be surprised to learn you can maintain your lawn for as little as $45 per week. That’s only $6.42 per day – what is your time worth?

Keep your family happy, your neighbors happy and spend your free time doing things you enjoy with people you love.

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