Snow Removal in the Hudson Valley

Santini's Landscape can help you with any of your winter worries. Santini's Landscape will work with any winter budget, commercial or residential properties. We have the staff and equipment to get any amount of snow that may fall out of your way in a timely manner. A contract with Santini's Landscape can ensure that you will have a worry free winter with a cost that wont change no matter the number of storms or times we plow, making it easy to fit into your monthly budget.

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Santini’s Landscape uses Ice B' Gone Magic as our environmentally friendly deicers.

 What Is Ice B' Gone Magic?

Ice B' Gone Magic is an environmentally friendly, renewable, and economical way to keep our roads, walkways and driveways safe. Ice B' Gone Magic is available in two different forms Liquid and Granular.  Ice B' Gone Magic is used by Santini's Landscape in both liquid and granular form. Ice B' Gone Magic Liquid is non-toxic, bio-degradable, and has a corrosion index lower then distilled water. The liquid is used to pre-treat paved surfaces before a storm and treat the regular salt to be used during a storm. Ice B' Gone Magic in granular form is ordinary rock salt that is treated with the Ice B' Gone Magic Liquid which transforms it to a less corrosive, more powerful, and safer de-icing product. Adding the Ice B' Gone liquid to salt allows the salt to work in temperatures as low as -35°F. 

 Ice B' Gone Magic can be purchased from Santini's Landscape in liquid and granular form by the bag, bucket, ton or gallon. 


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